Big-Excavator Cylinder (30-69t)

This product is equipped with imported sealing kits from brands such as NOK, SKF, Hallite, etc., which has better sealing effect and stronger durability. In addition, we use advanced CNC machine tool technology for processing, automatic electroplating and painting equipment Low surface roughness for high performance levels

Products Details

● Boom Cylinder ● Arm Cylinder ● Bucket Cylinder
Parameter Name Parameter Values
Tube ID 200-360 mm
Rod OD 120-200 mm
Stroke ≤3500 mm
Working Pressure 25-35 MPa
Operating temperature - 25℃ to +120℃

1. We have advanced CNC machine tools, horizontal machining centers, welding robots, parts cleaning agents, automatic assembly lines, automatic painting equipment, etc., with hydraulic cylinders to ensure 360-degree quality control in the production process. 2. Use well-equipped equipment and advanced instruments to inspect all products from performance, structure, dimensional tolerance, roughness, hardness, pressure and sealing, etc., to ensure that the hydraulic cylinder quality meets the requirements of different customers. 3. Optimize the design at the easy failure point of the oil cylinder, reduce the stress, and adopt special processing technology to ensure the reliability and stability of the oil cylinder. 4. The mature buffer design is adopted, so that the bucket can reduce the impact of the cylinder during the excavation process without reducing. 5. Can provide customized service of temperature cylinder with more choices (-25℃~+120℃).

We are wholeheartedly committed to working with each customer, constantly sharing ideas and gathering critical information on the suitability and performance requirements of your hydraulic cylinder for your specific application. If our standard range is not suitable for your application, we can advise you on custom hydraulic cylinders and we have extensive experience designing them. We do our best to develop dynamic, innovative and reliable hydraulic and machining solutions that exceed your expectations.

As a leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, we are committed to providing hydraulic cylinders and solutions to meet the needs of a variety of different market segments. Our products are used in a wide range of applications including mining and construction, agriculture and maintenance, load handling, forestry, lifting, recycling, defense, energy and more.

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