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DAC series high efficiency after cooler can effectively eliminate the moisture in the compressed air after cooler connected at the back of the screw and piston compressor, the compressor can be produced by high temperature of compressed air cooled to 42 ℃ below, and can make the most of the water vapor condensation in the air the back closed, to improve the working conditions of the downstream dry cleaning equipment, avoid the problem of suspension and condensation of water.DAC series high efficiency post-cooler has two cooling methods: air - cooled and water - cooled.

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Operating conditions: inlet pressure 0.4 ~ 1.0mpa, air inlet temperature ≤150℃, ambient temperature ≤40℃, pressure drop ≤ 0.021mpa; When the air pressure is above 0.7mpa, the air outlet temperature is about the ambient temperature +6 ~ 8℃.When the air pressure is below 0.7mpa, the air outlet temperature is about the ambient temperature +8 ~ 12℃.DAC series air-cooled aftercooler has the characteristics of wide range of inlet temperature, no need to install foundation, low operating cost, long service life, etc., especially suitable for users in areas without water or water shortage. Air-cooled aftercooler is an essential component in compressed air treatment process. It cools the high temperature compressed air to the normal temperature of about 40℃, which can reduce the thermal load of other equipment in air pressure system. After cooler DHC61. Efficient heat exchanger 2. Compact design 3. Long life, low noise motor 4. Floor mounting Special customization: 1. Customized according to the customer's site space size 2. High pressure grade, pressure ≥ 1.2mpa Optional configuration: 1. Gas-liquid separator 2. Automatic drain valve The working principle of This series of air-cooled aftercooler is connected to the rear of screw or piston air compressor, which can reduce the temperature of high temperature compressed air containing a lot of water vapor in advance, and condense most of the water vapor into liquid water to discharge out of the machine, so as to suit the service conditions of downstream purification equipment.The use effect of air-cooled post-cooler is closely related to the ambient temperature, so the local maximum ambient temperature should be fully considered in the selection.{price of drying machine

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